Weight Loss Cream Products

Ab-Solution Plus

See all the information on this fat loss lotion on the Ab-Solution Plus page.

Body Wrap Gel from Slimming Solutions

This slimming wrap is marketed as an at home alternative to Spa Salon treatments of a similar kind. A weight loss gel suitable for men or women it is considerably less expensive than a Spa visit. It not only claims weight loss in inches off thighs, rear end, chest, arms, or hips this Gel also promotes results in tightening up areas of loose flabby or excess skin. 


Find comphrehensive information on this fat burner on our Metaboderm page.

Weight Reducing Cream from University Medical

A time release formula that is meant to dramatically reduce appetite and increase metabolism. Packaging claims 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, results in 1 month or your money back, and lose up to 5 pounds in 2 weeks. This weight loss creamis available for purchase at Amazon.com under BodyLift Weight Reducing Cream but it's not currently listed on the products page of the University Medical website. 

Slim Cream with Hoodia from C.R.A. International, Co.

This appetite suppressing topical weight loss cream with Hoodia suggests up to 16 pounds weight loss in 4 weeks! Slim Cream does not claim to be a fat loss cream burner but simply a formula to reduce your appetite resulting in you eating less and losing weight. It is packaged in pre-dose pouches for a once a day application to any part of the body. 

LipoDerm-ULTRA & Lipoderm Y from Avant Labs

For weight loss information on this product see our Lipoderm page.

SAUNA SWEAT Creme from Real Sauna

A weight loss creme with a caveat, it's designed to work in conjunction with exercise done in a specifically designed suit by the same company. The creme works to increase perspiration during a work out and create the same effect as a Health Spa body "saran wrap". The process creates body fat loss by ridding the body of excess water weight gain and "melting" away body fat.