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Weight Loss Cream is the latest fat reducer on the shelves; another item to add to the growing list of weight loss products. And if you're like a lot of people your first thought is, how does this work?

Not all the secrets are revealed behind these products but the premise seems to either be ingredients that suppress the appetite or creams or gels that specifically target fat reduction in the area of application.

A variety of products on the market, including Lipoderm, Hooderma, Slim Cream, Metaboderm, Ab Solution Plus, and many others, all have their own patented formula for reducing fat in the body. Whether going by the name of weight loss lotion, weight loss gel, or weight loss creme these topical creams all claim to produce results, some providing a 100% guarantee and others ensuring that the weight not only comes off but stays off. There isn't a lot of scientific material as yet to back these products but one recent study from researchers at Louisiana State University seemed to provide a favorable result.

Cream for weight loss is something new in the realm of weight reduction and although many critics would say its wishful thinking, it may be a valid option for the many weight conscious people looking for an alternative to traditional methods.